Marketplace Events Announces Search for Home and Garden Trendsetter of the Year


Marketplace Events, the producer of the Indianapolis Home Show, is pleased to announce its national search for the Home and Garden Trendsetter of the Year.


The title will be presented to one winning blogger who is currently providing interesting and valuable DIY, design and home improvement content. The winner will receive a three-month multi-show stage tour contract, media interviews in several U.S. markets and Marketplace Events show endorsements along with access to thousands of new online followers and subscribers.


“Through this search, we will be creating our own celebrity,” said Marketplace Events Marketing Director Shelly Gepfert. “We are looking for a blogger who has a strong online following, can present onstage in a fun, informative and professional manner and has creative and trendy content to share.”


Are you or someone you know interested in applying? Visit for more information.


The top six finalists will each create a short video with tips or a DIY project. Fans will vote on social media, and the top three finalists will win a trip to Orlando to present onstage at the 2014 Orlando Home Show. Each presentation will be judged by a celebrity expert, Marketplace Events team members and the audience.


At the show, a winner will be selected and named the Home and Garden Trendsetter of the Year. The winner will be presented with a multi-show contract and more worth approximately $30,000.


“This is such an exciting opportunity, and we really want the Indianapolis-area community to get involved,” said Indianapolis Home Show Manager Laura Groninger. “We have so many talented bloggers in this area, and the Trendsetter of the Year will get incredible visibility and exposure. I want to encourage anyone who is interested to apply.”


Entrants must be 18 years of age or older, a legal resident and currently residing in the United States. The deadline for entries is July 21, 2014. For complete details and rules, visit:


The 2015 Indianapolis Home Show is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 23 through Sunday, Feb. 1, at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It will continue its tradition of offering the best in home products, decorating, construction and remodeling ideas for visitors to gather ideas and compare.


For more information, visit the Indianapolis Home Show website at

Expert Designer and Painter Kimberly Lacy Offers “Curb Appeal”

KimberlyLacy_1With her artisan paint and design background, Kimberly Lacy was given the opportunity to give on-camera paint tips and tricks on HGTV. As a result, Kimberly was later cast as the spunky project manager for the HGTV show Curb Appeal,” where she is now responsible for the two neighborhood makeovers that make up the “block” portion on the show.


Kimberly is appearing at the Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26. She’ll be sharing design tricks of the trade and answer audience questions!


Here’s more of a Q&A to learn more about Kimberly!


1.    What is the most challenging part of your job?

Design conception

2.    Where do you get most of your inspiration for new projects?

Magazines and travel

3.    What design/landscape trend or item are you coveting for the spring?

Black and white with pops of color in pastels! Why? Black and white color schemes are a trend right now but are the most classic combination of all. Black and white works with any design style, and it’s easy to accessorize and switch around to other spaces in the home. The pop of color in pastel is in the Pantone forecast for 2014, and nothing screams “spring” like pastels.

4.    Any embarrassing/favorite on-the-job moments to share?

I was painting shutters black, and I spilled a full gallon of black paint on the front porch of the house. I couldn’t get water, rags or help fast enough! Crisis averted.

 5.    Please offer a design/landscape tip specific to the spring season.

Take out dead plants, trees or shrubs, and refresh all flowerbeds with pine bark mulch.


Come see Kimberly Lacy at the 2014 Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26!

More “Curb Appeal” at the Home Show with Kimberly Lacy

KimberlyLacy_2Kimberly Lacy is the project manager on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal.” Known for her on-camera charisma and outgoing personality, each week Kimberly shares her practical painting and landscaping tips, techniques and demonstrations with viewers.


Kimberly shows how simple touches can make a dramatic improvement on your home and landscaping.


Kimberly is appearing at the Indianapolis Home Show presented by Xfinity on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26. Make sure you don’t get kicked to the curb!


To get to know a little more about Kimberly, here’s a Q&A!


1.    Name three items you couldn’t live without.

Mascara, pruners, iPhone

2.    How did you get your start in the design business?

An internship with HGTV’s “Designed to Sell” (DC addition). I also started painting at the age of 16.

3.    Describe your design style in five words or less.

Functional eclecticism

4.    What is your most memorable career moment to date?

Two-year relocation to San Francisco to film “Curb Appeal”

5.    What is your personal motto?

A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.

6.    What is something your fans may not know about you?

I have a pretty serious business side.

7.    Explain why you love “Curb Appeal.”

I love being able to assist the neighbors because they have no clue they are being chosen for a makeover. No coincidences, just deserving!


Come see Kimberly Lacy at the 2014 Indianapolis Home Show on Saturday, Jan. 25 and Sunday, Jan. 26!

Lush Greenery Meets Modern Outdoor Luxury

Bill Brown and his team from William H. Brown Landscape Inc. in Zionsville will bring their vision to the ambitious exterior design for the 2013 Indianapolis Home Show Centerpiece Home, combining lush greenery with modern outdoor luxury.


They have created an impressive combination of natural adornments, including grass and stone borders, common flowering plants like tulips and daffodils, plus an array of trees such as dogwood, pear and crabapple.Landscape_1_small



But the backyard is where Brown’s creativity really comes to bear with chic contemporary appointments. The Centerpiece Home will feature a pool, but this year’s has a negative edge where it looks like water is spilling over the sides. Perhaps most impressive is a high-tech projection television screen above the pool from Hoosier Home Tech.


The old way for outdoor cooking – Dad’s grill shoved into a corner – gives way to an expansive kitchen and dining area with a built-in grill surrounded by granite countertops brimming with LED lights. A connecting archway and fountain lead to one of the design’s most audacious features: a handsome outdoor fireplace. The seating area gets a great view of the fire. And there’s a flatscreen TV mounted above the fireplace.


“It creates a self-contained outdoor living space using the fireplace and kitchen,” Brown said. “This house is bigger and classier than ever before. So in our exterior design we are going for something more elegant, colorful and modern.”